Every single day, goods travel all over the world, and yet for most of us, we barely take a moment to realise the massive part that pallets have in this.

We’ve all seen videos on Youtube of “pallet fails”, or read of the costs involved when pallets fail.

Pallets are an essential item in the supply and logistics chain, but are also used in many other industries for various purposes.

Have a read below at how certain giants in their respective industries put pallets to use, and how you can use them in your industry too!

From Small Businesses to Large Corporations

Regardless if you are using them for storing stock, displaying stock, or moving your goods, it’s important to do so on quality Australian Standard Pallets.

When your goods arrive at your customers, and first impressions count, don’t risk your brand reputation by using dirty, broken, or moldy pallets.

Whatever your needs, be it used Plastic, new one (1), used one (1) or two (2) tonne Standard Pallets, we have a pallet option that can help streamline your business.

Automotive / Mechanical

Vehicle parts such as rims, tyres, gearboxes, and engines are often heavy and/or bulky, but also can be fragile. They need a reliable storage and transportation method. Our one (1) and two (2) tonne Standard Pallets are ideal for this.

Manufacturing / Construction

Delays and missing deadlines can cost YOU money either in getting goods out, or getting your construction materials to site.

Our one (1) and two (2) tonne Standard Pallets are perfect for large bulky items, bricks, tiles, or any other materials you need transported safely.

Printing, Packaging and Paper

First impressions are everything, so your clients expect clean undamaged boxes delivered.

Our used Plastic and new one (1) and two (2) tonne Standard Pallets ensure your clients receive their orders just as they left your warehouse.

Food and Beverage

Beverage companies often need to carry expensive and very heavy goods, ensuring no damage occurs during transport.

Food companies need to move stock often quickly and between areas without damage. In both industries hygiene is of the utmost importance, which is why we recommend used Plastic or new one (1) and two (2) tonne Standard Pallets for this industry.

Pallets have been assisting companies like Lion, Carlton and United Breweries and Diageo Australia with the safe transportation of valuable kegs, beer, and spirits.

Australias leading wineries such as Penfolds and Henschke also use pallets for the safe handling, storage, and transportation of their prestige wines.

In the general consumer market pallets play an integral role in Coca-Colas supply chain.

Warehousing, Storage and Transportation

Pallets used in this industry need to be durable and robust, often dealing with being moved via pallets jacks or forklifts.

Damaged and broken pallets leads to downtime.

We recommend either used Plastic and new one (1) and two (2) tonne Standard Pallets for this industry (depending on what you are transporting).

Companies like DHL and TOLL use pallets constantly to shift goods throughout their network every day.

Pharmaceutical and Medical

Be it the manufacture of drugs, medicines, or medical devices, in the transportation of these items it is absolutely crucial to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Leading pharmaceutical companies have switched to Plastic Pallets already to reduce stock damage and potential contamination concerns.

For this reason and for ease of sanitisation we recommend the use of used Plastic Pallets.

Supermarkets and Stores

Pallets play an integral role in what we buy getting not just to the store, but on the shelves.

The supply chain bring pallets daily into supermarkets such as Woolworths, Coles and Aldi.

Some stores like Costco and Bunnings take it one step further but utilising pallets to display goods and stock for sale in an easily transportable way inside the store.

So whereever your good need to reside or be displayed, our range of  used Plastic, new one (1), used one (1) or two (2) tonne Standard Pallets, are perfect to suit any store (large or small).

Purchasing and Selling Pallets


Some companies find that they often have surplus of pallets (anywhere from customer deliveries, to excess pallets in warehouses, etc). We can assist in the removal/collection, pick up and purchase of excess pallets, or used pallets.

We do NOT purchase or handle CHEP or LOSCAM pallets.

These pallets belong to their respective companies, and must be returned directly to them.

As both companies charge for usage of their pallets, failure to return them can lead to large outstanding rental bills.

For whatever your pallets needs, Marks Pallets has a large range of cost effective pallets to suit your business requirements.

Call us today and see how we can help your business.

NOTE: Marks Pallets are not implying that the above companies are customers, or that we are in a business relationship with the abovementioned companies.

All businesses mentioned are purely examples of how pallets may assist them in operations.

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