Due to security, and workplace health and safety, please contact us if you wish to visit the yard.

MARKS PALLETS is a fully insured business.

Whilst we will endeavour to deliver within a few hours, and often deliver same day, this is subject to stock availability.

For QUOTE TO SUPPLY items we can generally deliver in a day or two (subject to local distributor stock).

We always have stock of:

Whilst we are often carry surplus, the following are QUOTE to SUPPLY items:

Delivery is currently $75 + GST, but can be subject to change.

Delivery charges are confirmed at time of order.

In order to ensure prompt delivery, we operate primarily in the Sydney metro area.

For businesses located in Wollongong, Blue Mountains, and Central Coast we supply pending size of order and with increased delivery costs.

For businesses elsewhere in NSW please contact us to discuss, as our yard can accommodate large semi trailers for pickup.

We often run specials and incentive offers throughout the year.

Depending on the quantity and frequency of your ordering, we may offer additional discounts.

Our minimum order quantity is 50 pallets, however in some circumstances (delayed supply / bulk purchase supply over time) we may still supply you. Please contact us to discuss.


Currently we do not have the facilities to manufacture, stamp, brand, or treat/fumigate pallets. This may change in the future.

We only buy and sell new and used Standard one (1) and two (2) tonne Pallets, EPAL Euro Pallets, and Plastic Pallets.

Every used pallet is checked to ensure it is of the highest quality.

We check for stray nails, chips and cracks, missing boards, and ensure pallets are clean and fungi/mould free.

If you happen to receive a pallet you are not happy with, please call or email us immediately.

We do NOT buy or sell CHEP (blue) and LOSCAM (red), SKIDS or damaged pallets.

To find out more information about selling your pallets, please visit our Sell Pallets page.

MIN purchase/sale quantity of 50 pallets.

We do not currently offer this service.

We currently do not sell any metal pallets.


Please head over to our SELL YOUR PALLETS page, and complete the form.

Our easy to use form guides you through the process, and once submitted we will contact you advising if we are interested in your pallets, and the price we are prepared to pay for them.

When submitting an enquiry on our SELL YOUR PALLETS page you will receive an email confirmation from us.

Reply to that confirmation email with your photos attached, and we will give you a quote ASAP.

We will, with some exceptions.

Certain businesses have pallets which they retain ownership of, and without the express written permission of that business, we will not take such pallets. Unfortunately the industry has seen such people overlook said demands to turn a quick dollar via online marketplaces.

Companies such as CHEP and LOSCAM retain ownership of their pallets, and lease them out.

Some brick yards also retain ownership of pallets, and hence we will not accept them.

We also do not pickup or purchase broken pallets or skids.

If you have Standard Pallets, EPAL Euro Pallets, and/or Plastic Pallets that are in good re-saleable condition, please visit our SELL YOUR PALLETS page and submit an enquiry.


Our NEW pallets are all made locally and not fumigated or heat teated, and are NOT export ready.

This does mean however that you have absolute peace of mind that when handling or dealing with our new Standard Pallets, that they are COMPLETELY safe for all uses (including projects that use pallets).

We do not offer ISPM15 fumigation or heat treatment for pallets, but can refer you to someone that can.

All our new one (1) tonne Standard Pallets are NOT ISPM15 treated.

For our used 1T Standard Pallets, used 2T Standard Pallets and EPAL Euro Pallets, it highly depends on the individual pallet. If this is of concern, please advise during ordering.

For export needs without fumigation requirements, please look at our Plastic Pallets range.


We would strongly recommend against burning timber used in pallets. Even though non treated pallets will not release pesticide when burned, there is still potential danger regarding any fluids / chemicals the pallet has retained / come in contact with over a lifetime.

Whilst we appreciate the skill, knowledge, and sheer ingenuity that goes into creating furniture and other pallet related artwork/items, often the number of pallets used in such projects is significantly less than our minimum order quantity of 50.

If you need 50+ pallets for a project / artwork though, please give us a call.

NOTE: We will NOT supply second hand / used pallets for any project related activity due to the potential dangers regarding chemicals used to fumigate some pallets, dangers we are simply not willing to put our customers at risk of.

We pride ourselves on selling the best quality pallets the industry have to offer.

Located centrally to all Sydney businesses, our 24 hr delivery service ensures we get you pallets when you need them most.

We have over a decade of industry experience, and understand your business and the role OUR pallets will play in them.

Backed by professional, friendly and reliable service, high stock levels and prompt delivery, we are only one phone call away.

So give us a call, and lets discuss how we can keep your goods moving safely and reliably.



Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you are 100% happy with your order, because if you aren’t happy, neither are we.

Should you find any damage or issues with your pallets upon delivery, let us know as soon as possible and we will either refund, or replace the damaged pallet/s free of charge. We will then liaise with you in regards to getting your replacement pallets to you.



If you couldn’t find the answer to your question above, drop us a message on our Contact Form below, and we will be in touch with your answer.

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