The pallet industry is so important and yet so overlooked when we consider how goods we buy or sell arrive at our doorstep.

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Is My Wood Pallet Safe for Reuse – Learn How to Know?

In depth article that talks about the various stamps on pallets, and how Methyl Bromide stamped pallets should NEVER be burned, and should be handled with care. All our NEW pallets are non fumgiated and made locally, so are MB free.

Avoid Pallet Damage From Forklifts

Everyone knows that pallets are an investment. have published a great article on how to avoid pallet damage from forklifts! Some great advice here!

Pallet Wine Rack

At the end of a long weeks work, I’ll raise my glass to the superb handywork shown here.

You Can Make Pallets Out of What?

Who would have thought that pallets could ever be made out of banana stems, coconut waste, or hydrangea stems. Who would have thought that almond shells are being used to toughen plastic pallets. Have a read of the companies who are thinking outside the box to create more sustainable pallets.

Deakin University 2017 Australian Pallet Report

In 2017 Deakin University undertook a survey to look into pallet usage, including rental vs purchase, and the uptake of plastic pallets (amongst other things). 22 Pages of lunchtime reading, that sheds some interesting insights on the industry.

UK plastic pallet company recycles 124 tonnes of plastic in 6 months

In only 6 months a UK based plastic pallet manufacturer has recycled a massive 124 tonnes of plastic from sold (and returned) pallets, which will be recycled and reused to make more pallets. Superb effort guys!

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