Mark’s Pallets has been in business for over 13 years, providing efficient service to a large range of clients with total satisfaction.

Our broad range of Standard, Euro and Plastic Pallets, and prompt, professional and friendly service has seen us gain clients from many different industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics, supply chain, warehousing, and many more.

In addition to selling pallets, we also buy unused or excess pallets and pay good amounts of cash for high quality pallets.

Our service in the industry is unsurpassed, because we understand the value of your goods, and the journeys they take over and over again.

This ethos is reflected in our amazing promotional video which can be watched below.

So head on over to our Contact Us page, give us a call and let us become your quality pallet supplier.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to establishing a long term business relationship with you.

Mark Whitmore



Teamwork means dreamwork, and that’s no exception for Marks Pallets.

Marks Pallets is wholly owned by MW and GM Enterprises, but who are MW and GM?

Let’s find out!


If he's not in the truck, he'll be on the forklift, and if he's not on the forklift he'll be on the phone.
With meticulous attention to detail and professionalism, we only buy the very best second hand pallets, and pay good money (cash) if you have them.


Between running around after the grandkids, doing the filing, the accounts, answering phones and email queries, Gail handles all the back office tasks that keeps Marks Pallets operational.



We deliver around the clock, with 24 hour availability.

If you need pallets delivered at 4AM to get your goods out fast, consider it done, just give us time and a call.

We understand your deadlines and will work with you to get your products to their destination ASAP.


Pallet Exchange

We've all heard of the saying "many happy returns", and we apply this to our pallets as well.

Buy any NEW pallets from MARKS PALLETS, and when it comes time to refresh them, we will give you the best possible BUY BACK price, and as a return customer look after you with pricing on new pallets.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't happy, we aren't happy.

Whilst all our pallets undergo strict quality control checks, our guarantee ensures that if you aren't happy with a pallet, please let us know and we will replace or refund your pallet AND deliver it at our cost.

For more information click the logo.

Reputably Sourced

As pallets are a high value commodity, they often end up stolen from sites, and in the hands of those wanting to make a quick sale and quick money.

Don't risk your business reputation, valuable stock, or goods on cheap pallets with no quality control measures sold via online marketplaces.


Made from Sustainable Timber

All our new Standard Timber Pallets come from renewable and sustainable resources.

In addition to our Pallet Exchange, we are committed to supplying environmentally friendly pallet options.


This video is best enjoyed with audio enabled, and viewed full screen (or at least 1080).

Our promotional video follows the journey that we take every day as humans, and highlights that the end of a days work, is often just the beginning of a journey for your goods.

Matched with a strong, emotional soundtrack, our promo video follows the journey of goods and lets you know that we care for your business, because we are able to understand the complex and valuable journeys your goods take day after day.


Start your business journey with MARKS PALLETS today, by enquiring using our Contact Form below.

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